Editing a Wiki from a smartphone

I recently listened to a podcast about a model of consciousness that relies on quantum mechanics. The theory, called Orchestrated Objective Reduction, posits (not uncontroversially) that consciousness arises when the wave function collapses in the apolar hydrophobic regions of microtubules in the brain.

That's a mouthful but, being a digital citizen, I figured I'd weigh in on the wikipedia page. As usual I'm on my smartphone. Coincidentally almost all of my listening and news reading is done on my phone. As was this post.

First problem: How do I get to the talk page? This is traditionally where you start before making edits to a page. I couldn't find a link to it on the mobile site.

Manually inserting Talk: before the last part of the URL does the trick. Seems like there should be a "talk" or "discuss" link somewhere...

Second problem: How do you take part in the discussion?

It looks like the convention is to pick a section, edit it then add your comments to the bottom. Followed by some moniker to delimit the end of your comment. Egads, somebody introduce these guys to the year 2000. Even phpboard would be a better discussion system...

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