Fare Ye Well, You Engineering Prophet

My boss recently changed teams (but thankfully not companies). I didn't get to work for him for very long but it was obvious almost immediately that he was one of those sui generis types that can make the difference between success taking a year and success taking 3+ years.

Over the years I've worked in several different companies: small, medium and large. A variety of industries: e-commerce/retail, professional services automation, telecom, ip video and have even been fortunate enough to work in the semiconductor industry - the source of that awesomeness that makes life as a programmer possible. But I digress...

There are always a few, and I emphasize few, that get it. From the 10ft up-close view, to the 100ft bit-of-distance view, to the 30,000ft god's eye view. And perhaps most importantly, they get what is and isn't important to focus on. Sometimes these people are in the right place at the right time and take a project that used to launch at 3am in the morning because it was so buggy that they needed that much time to put out fires to ship/go-live - every month, to a project that can ship multiple times per month with no one arriving before 7am and fires being unusual instead of the norm.

He's one of those kinds of people. An Engineering Prophet.

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