New google maps is delicious!

Love the simplified ui. LOVE the contacts integration - finally searching for mom returns my mother's address! Kinda the whole reason I bothered entering it...

The half-hambuger bars on the lower left are unobtrusive but possibly too much for my tastes though as an engineering call I can see that there's enough subjectivity about it that either size is fine.

The layers are much simpler to select - LOVE IT! Wasn't obvious to me what the public transit layer does though. It doesn't have any stops listed as far as I can tell. It draws blue lines presumably along routes but I don't see any indication of meaning or use. Will check the docs but I like trying consumer apps out without reading the docs just to get a feel for the UX.

I never used latitude and honestly wish they'd just integrate fb location data but its removal seems to have decluttered the UI. Imho that's good :)

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