Getting Around “Strong name validation failed” During Development Cheatsheet

Is this DLL a strong named assembly?

sn.exe –v someAssembly.dll


To find out for all dlls in the current directory

del sn-output.txt for %i in (*.dll) DO sn -v %i >> sn-output.txt findstr /c:"is a delay-signed or test-signed assembly" sn-output.txt

How do I turn off strong name validation for someAssembly.dll?

sn -Vr someAssembly.dll

How do I turn of strong name validation for several assemblies at once?

Use command prompt FOR loop. for /F "skip=6 usebackq delims=," %i IN (`sn -Vl`) DO @sn -Vu %i.dll

What's currently excluded from strong name validation on my machine?

sn –Vl

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