A Strikethrough Button in OneNote 2013

Where, oh where, is the Strikethrough button in OneNote 2013? How am I supposed to tell at a glance which tasks are complete on a page full of tasks?

The bad news: It’s not in the “basic text” tab of the Ribbon.

The good news: You can customize the Ribbon! In the screenshot below I’ve added a “MyGroup” group to the Basic Text tab of the Ribbon.

To open this editor click the “Customize Quick Access Toolbar” button (by default it’s at the top of the screen in the left corner next to the OneNote icon) then choose “More Commands”

strikethrough in onenote


Crispy said...

Ctrl and minus is the keyboard shortcut for strikethrough

NextGraf said...

Very concise and useful info on making personal home tab group! I've stuffed mine full. Actually a strikethrough button is on my Home ribbon/ basic text options. Maybe from an update? What I really miss are certain case options. I've got Onetastic macros for capitalize titles (first letters of major words) and toggle, but wish there was a button like f12 in word, which toggles Title case/ uppercase/ lower case. Anyway, if I find one, you'll have shown me where to install it. Thanks!

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