ReSharper 7

Finally getting around to looking at ReSharper 7. Excited so far by these features:

  1. The new “generate” feature. Type Alt+Ins and a menu pops up offering, among others, to:
    1. Generate a constructor. This was already available in ReSharper 6.
    2. Generate Equality members. Very handy when reference equality simply won’t do.
    3. Generate Equality Comparer! This is way, way, waaaayyy too cool. Even though .NET has had Equality Comparers for ages I still see code littered with someStringVar.ToUpperCase() statements! This is error prone because it requires everyone to know in advance which case they’ll need to use. For a dictionary this might mean failing to find a key. Equality Comparers explicitly define what equality means for a type.
  2. You can make a bunch of variables public or private by selecting them in the source editor then clicking the hammer icon that appears. This brings up a menu that allows you to change the visibility.

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