Logitech Squeezebox and Podcasts

Just got a Logitech Squeezebox and I have to say that I’m very impressed. I was looking for a near-one-click solution for listening to music from the internet through the home stereo speakers.

Things that I like so far:

  1. Ease of setup. Although the jog wheel isn’t the most efficient way to enter an email address or password Logitech has made it as painless as possible. It’s a tradeoff between simplicity (jog wheel) vs speed (keyboard) but since the jog wheel is only painful in one-time setup tasks I think they’ve made the right call. I especially like the fact that the default selection is enter so when you’re done you just click the jog wheel and your entry is submitted.
  2. Breadth of app support. Facebook integration, Spotify and Pandora were a snap to add. I’m listening to one of my Spotify stations right now in fact Smile. Since I moved all of my music to amazon’s cloud player, let’s see if it has support for that.
  3. Podcast support! It would have been easy to overlook this in a mass market but there’s a Squeezebox app for it.
  4. WiFi and Ethernet support. I’m using Ethernet since I had one port left on a switch right next to the player. Switching from WiFi to Ethernet was easy enough to do with the well designed combination of the large jog wheel, bright display and simple menu structure.
  5. This thing is sturdy. It might look cheap but feels quite solid.
  6. The “take it outside” feature might come in handy one day.
  7. It’s at least $100 cheaper than Sonos. And has a built-in speakers.

Speaking of podcasts, I manage all of my podcast feeds through Google Listen. Google Listen uses Google Reader to manage the feeds. Wondering how to find out the URL of one of your feeds? Click the triangle to the right of the feed name in the left nav and a menu will appear. Click the “Details and Statistics” menu entry. The URL and a bunch of other information will be displayed.

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