How Ultrabooks Will Restore Traditional PC Dominance

The “Post PC” revolution is on the tip of every pundit’s tongue these days. So I’ve been thinking about how PCs can reclaim some of their former glory. Here’s a quick list of what I’ve come up with so far:

  1. Put every low-cost sensor into every ultraportable pc. Ambient light sensors, accelerometers, GPS, thermometers, barometers, front and rear-facing webcams, etc… The PC needs to be able to accept any input that a smartphone can accept and then some.
    1. With options for more sensitive/higher resolution versions of each of these sensors.
  2. Touch, touch, touch. Windows 8 will help in a big way. It should be easier to find a mobile PC with a floppy drive than it is to find a mobile PC WITHOUT touchscreen support.
  3. Cellular connectivity in addition to WiFi and Bluetooth. Ultrabooks should be able to use voice (GSM and CDMA) and data (3G, 4G) connections from the top US-based carriers without anything dongles sticking out of the chassis. I should be able to go to AT&T, Verizon or T-mobile, pick up a SIM card, pop it into my laptop and be instantly connected. Or pay $25 and have it installed.
    1. With options for supporting top international carrier standards.

The PC’s strong point has always been its general purpose nature. Smartphones and tablets are currently able to do things that cannot be done easily on a PC (e.g., an always one cellular data connection, GPS, etc…). Making these items standard would go a long way towards bridging that gap.

What do you think traditional PCs can do to reassert their dominance over the home computing landscape?

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