Looking up a User SID

There are a several ways to do this but so far my favorite is (from a command prompt):

useraccount where name=”XXX” get caption, domain, sid

Replace XXX with the user name (without the leading “<domain>\).
You’ll need the wmic tool installed if it isn’t already on the system.

Automatically connecting to a Bluetooth a2dp receiver from the Samsung Infuse 4G

I bought a Sony Bluetooth transceiver for use primarily in my car. Unfortunately I’ve had to manually connect to it every time I enable Bluetooth on my phone (Samsung Infuse).

Fortunately this can be configured with a little tweaking:

  1. Root your phone.
  2. Install ES File Explorer or some other Root Exploring app that lets you mount partitions in read-write mode.
  3. edit /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf. Uncomment AutoConnect=true (remove the leading #).
  4. reboot.

Thanks to the person that responded to the android bug with the solution!