First Week at Microsoft and Escaping Virtualization

After driving across the country I'm finally starting to settle into my new job at Microsoft.  It's only been a week though so I'm still in the honeymoon phase.  Good god they use technology here, it's awesome!

A few firsts:
  • First time ever having the option of using software as a work/desk phone.  Office Live Communicator truly rocks!
  • First time ever logging onto a domain from a copier/scanner/fax machine.
  • First time successfully using PXE boot without suspecting the network was really running on a dial-up modem. It was, and is, blindingly fast (usually).
Escaping Virtualization

Since testing involves installing lots of builds I've gotten to work with several virtualization programs.  They all seem to default to a different command sequence to 'escape' back to the host OS:
  • Virtual PC uses right ALT. Not really my favorite as it takes my hand off the mouse.
  • VirtualBox uses right CTRL.  Ditto.
  • Hyper-V uses the truly draconian CTRL+ALT+LEFT ARROW. Yikes!

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