Disabling the Blue LEDs on the Antec 900 PC case

The Antec 900 is a great case especially if you're running 2 or more video cards.  It supports up to 4 intake fans (two 200mm in front, one 200mm on the side and one 200mm inside the front) and 2 exhaust fans (one 230mm monster/"Big Boy" fan on top and one 120mm rear fan).

Despite the number of fans the case runs relatively quiet for the amount of cooling it provides.  These fans are larger than the standard 80mm so they can provide much more airflow even though they're running at lower RPMs.

The only thing that I don't like about this case is that the 2 front fans come with extremely bright blue LEDs without an off switch. Not a great configuration if your PC is in your bedroom facing your bed. Normally I'd just put a book or piece of plastic in front of the LEDs but since these LEDs are attached to the intake fans that's not an option.

Fortunately these LEDs can be disabled pretty easily. Cutting one of the wires, as pictured below, connected to each of the 3 LEDs makes this otherwise excellent case suitable for bedroom use.

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