Design Patterns Quick Reference

A colleague recommended what appears to be a wonderful podcast for people interested in building software well.  IEEE Software’s On Architecture.  It’s authored by Grady Booch (one of the heavyweights in the Object Oriented Programming/Design world), the podcasts are short and sweet (typically less than 10minutes) and it’s even got a bit of a pedigree (being affiliated with the IEEE and all).

After listening to a few of the podcasts I was struck with a desire to revisit basic heuristics of the trade.  The classic work on design patterns was written by a group of authors colloquially known as the Gang of Four.  It’s an excellent reference but it isn’t exactly compact.

I stumbled onto a Design Patterns “cheat sheet”.  It’s even color coded by pattern type! (structural vs behavioral vs creational).  Kudos to Jason S. McDonald for his handiwork.

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