Sharing and Storing Visual Studio Help Favorites

Tucked away inside the wonderful Tools –> “Import and Export Settings” dialog is the ability to export you current Help Favorites.  You do have Visual Studio’s Help (aka MSDN) installed locally right? :)  There are thousands of precious milliseconds being wasted each time you click on an MSDN online link and wait for the page to reload.  With the local help the load time is perceptually instantaneous.

Help Favorites are one of the many settings that you can include in a settings export.  If it’s the only setting you include it’s just like exporting a list of favorites (bookmarks for you old-timers) to a file.

I think I’ll also end up using this to store sets of related help.  After a while my help favorites list becomes too long to be useful as a quick reference.  As a rule of thumb once a list has more than a dozen or so elements it takes longer to find the desired item in the list than to search for it.  Saving the help favorites from time to time and having them automatically indexed by Windows Search combines the best of both worlds.

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