Running Fedora 11 in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

Aside from a few quirks during the install (e.g., the partitioning tool kept trying to format the install partition, which makes installation crash immediately after it succeeds), I’ve been pretty impressed with just how easy Fedora is to use.

For the most part the System menu looks like a clone of Windows’ Control Panel (for XP).  It even has an “Add/Remove Programs” application though, to be fair, that’s a pretty generic term.

To get the window manager to display properly I keep having to manually add the “vga=791” boot parameter at boot.  So I figured I’d edit it using the handy “Bootloader” application that’s in Fedora’s System menu.

It starts, asks me for the root password, then promptly crashes!  On the plus side, at least it crashed with a helpful stacktrace complaining of a missing module called “kudzu”.  I’ve never heard of kudzu but the GUI package manager (“Add/Remove Software”) was able to find it about 10 mins after it started updating its list of software.

Alas, it was not to be.  I tried starting the BootLoader app but was never greeted with a user interface for editing the bootloader.  Ah well, grub uses a menu.lst file for most configuration so I’ll have to edit that manually.

The saga continues…

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