LINQ would be so very helpful in this scenario

While working on an explorer like app that provides a way to filter the elements being displayed it occurs to me that this is exactly the kind of problem that Language Integrated Query (LINQ) was designed to solve.

Right now, being limited to the 2.0 framework, filtering is done manually (foreach/for loops). As the size of the filtering framework grows this manual approach will become harder and harder to manage. The underlying elements are already objects; by switching to LINQ all of the bugs that will creep up in the increasingly convoluted manual filtering could be avoided.

LINQ to Objects would allow me to query the various collections instead of manually merging/filtering them. That would free up time to get the element object model right. Getting the object model right is 80% of the battle.

Just a little in-the-field confirmation that LINQ solves *real* problems.

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