Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer 7

I'm a few weeks into Chrome use after recently switching from Internet Explorer 7.  Chrome is still noticeably faster than IE particularly on javascript heavy pages.  I also get the feeling that a lot of thought was put into a minimalistic approach to the browser.  There's no Home button - something I occasionally trip up on, there's no permanent status bar, there's no menu bar, etc.  Definitely a less is more mileux going on with Chrome.

As far Chrome's shortcomings, I have only come across two.  The first is that the back button doesn't remember your position in the previous document.  So if I click on a link halfway through an article then click back Chrome displays the top of the page.

The second is the initial page, with snippets of recently browsed pages, isn't quite as Terminal Services friendly as about:blank (my homepage in Internet Explorer).

Despite these two shortcomings it's an excellent browser.  Uniquely positioned to take advantage of the coming multicore revolution since each tab gets rendered by a separate process that can run on a separate core.

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