Yahoo Music subscription + XBox 360

I've had an XBox 360 for a little over a year and have totally converted to Console gaming.  With the exception of a brief stint in Second Life, I haven't used my PC for gaming since I got the XBox 360.


Beyond being a great gaming system the 360 is bundled with loads of media streaming functionality.  This is perfect for displaying pictures, listening to music, watching movies, etc...,  since it's already near the TV (which is downstairs).


While playing around with Yahoo Music Jukebox (YMJ) I discovered that the 360 can play subscription tracks!!  I had been considering canceling the subscription because it only saves you 20cents per song purchase AND it's inconvenient having to connect a laptop to the home stereo just to listen to music.  Lo and Behold, with network music enabled in the Yahoo Music Jukebox the XBox360 recognizes it as a music source.


Under the covers I suspect that YMJ is using the Windows Universal Plug-and-Play Device Host API.  If so, it's a perfect example of providing extra functionality via standard frameworks (not necessarily standard in the "committee" sense, but standard in the de-facto sense) leading to greater compatability.

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