Chrome on Vista x64

So I scratched the itch and downloaded Google's Chrome browser. Since I spent so many years as a web developer I have generally been unfriendly to alternative browsers. Multiple browsers typically meant more work accomodating the quirks and peculiarities of each browser. Or worse, when there wasn't time to code around the quirks webapps were reduced to least common denominator functionality.

I have to say that so far I'm impressed. It is noticeably faster than IE. I'm a total speed demon when it comes to computing. I use keyboard shortcuts to minimize trips to the mouse. I disable services that aren't necessary to minimize boot time. I've even gone so far as to prune the directories that Windows Search indexes to minimize its impact on responsiveness. I really *really* hate having to wait on my PC for any sort of routine operation.

Fellow speed demons will have no problem adopting Chrome. Not only is it faster at rendering the web sites I tend to use, it does better the more script oriented the site. That optimized javascript engine really shines on sites like facebook. Kudos to Google for raising the bar on what we should expect from a web browser.

The UI is also refreshingly clean (though I did struggle a little bit looking for the "Home" button - just added my homepage as a link). Immediately after installing it I noticed more screenspace devoted to the web page - no status bar at the bottom of the page, no file menu at the top and the favorites/bookmarks section isn't in the floating toolbar style. Not using the floating toolbar frees up a little vertical space taken up by toolbar borders. It's just a cleaner UI.

So far so good. They've definitely met their goal of getting the browser out of the way.

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